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We started this website over 5 years ago to share our knowledge, skills and experiences with people to help them change their mindset to enable their success. Personal success is just that.  It is something personal to you.  For some that may be financial, health, career, relationships or something else.  One thing is certain though, having enough money to provide you with the lifestyle you want is crucial to your success plan.

Playing Cashflow 101 and later Cashflow 202 mimics your interaction with money.  We have never yet worked out how it does it, but suffice to say, it does.  We have watched people play this game and seen the colour drain out of their faces as they re-enact a real purchase they made that day.  It is that close to reality.  Obviously we are not playing with real money!

Playing Cashflow 101 enables you to experiment with different financial strategies in complete safety without using your real money.  It will help you identify your mental barriers to moving forward and then working with Neil and Sarah Hewitt to help you remove that barrier.

We are also re-launching our highly successful and extremely popular 12 week course called: Escape The Rat Race.  This is held in Worcestershire on one evening a week (Friday), culminating in a full day which will include one of our famous FireWalks! (See FireSpirit)

First things first though…

Cashflow Club – Stratford upon Avon

Next Club Night: Friday 26th September 2014 (Every 4th Friday of the month)

Places at the game: 24

Venue: The Brooke Suite, The Arden Hotel, 44 Waterside, Stratford upon Avon. CV37 6BA

Time: 7.30 – 10 pm

Cost: £10 per person (paid prior to attendance) 


Escape The Rat Race 12 Week Course

We play Cashflow 101 following the presentation each week until week 4 or 5 at which point we switch to Cashflow 202 – the advanced game.

Week One – Introduction

How does the mind work? Left brain and right brain – why left brainers have it easier at school.  Where are you now in your personal finances? Short, medium and long term strategies

Week Two – Why your Bank Manager will never ask you for your school report

What makes a person rich is not money but financial education.  In 1970 Britain came off the Gold Standard – what is that and why is it important?

Week Three – Is your home an asset?

What is the difference between a liability and an asset? How is it possible for a person to be rich without being wealthy?

Week Four – Why hard work….doesn’t work

Discuss the difference between the four quadrants E (Employed) – S (Self Employed) – B (Business) – I (Investor).  Discuss the three kinds of income – what is the main problem with earned income?  Which of the three classes of people does not depend on earned income?

Week Five – Are you playing to win or playing not to lose?

Why are fear and greed the two emotions that hold people back from becoming wealthy?  How can failure be a good thing?  Why might failure be a necessary ingredient for success?

Week Six – Why savers are losers – The Cashflow Quadrant

Why you must be in at least two quadrants.  Where each quadrant gets its income from  and pensions explained

Week Seven – Good Debt vs Bad Debt

What is the difference between assets and liabilities?  What are the four sources of income?

Week Eight – Why it doesn’t take money to make money

Why is your expense column your crystal ball to YOUR future.  How smart are you at spending your time and money?

Week Nine – Why investing is NOT risky

What are the three asset classes? What are their pros and cons?  Business and property investing requires the least amount of financial IQ.  Which class/es have the highest returns and the lowest risk? Why?

Week Ten – Focus vs Diversification

Why is the left side of the quadrant more competitive than the right side?  Why is the right side of the quadrant more co-operative?  Name the six people you spend the most time with. In which quadrant do most of them fall?

Week Eleven – Multiple Streams of Income Explained

Why multiple streams of income?

Week Twelve – Full Day (Saturday)

Property Investment, Trading, Internet Marketing, Business – Guest Speakers all whom are experts in their chosen field – and successful!

FireWalk and other ‘extreme personal development’ techniques.

Next Course: January 16th 2015(6 pm to 10 pm)  and finishes on March 7th 2015 (10 am to 10 pm)

Venue:  Worcestershire

To maximise the impact of this course for our delegates there are strictly only 12 places and attendance is by application only. Completion of the course will entitle you to be invited to join The Cashflow Mastermind Group, which meets monthly and further helps delegates to move forward in their chosen investment method.  Peer Group support is an extremely valuable part of finding AND maintaining long term success.

Email us at:

Call our office on: 0207 193 0011 to ask for an application pack and cost details.

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